Five Annoying things Tobagonians Endure

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Five annoying things Tobagonians endure. Now you know by the title alone that this list will be prefaced with a conventional caution or a drole disclaimer ...Ensuring that no-one feels targeted or inadvertently offended. Because that would be wrong, wouldn't it. Disclaimer: Do not read while operating a motor vehicle, watercraft, or aircraft. Kidding. We are not speaking on behalf of every Tobagonian and this list was mostly written in jest (MOSTLY) and under the influence of something legal. Here are 5 annoying "things" Tobagonians endure:

When someone says “You speak well for a Tobagonian” or "You don't look like a Tobagonian"

“And you speak well for an idiot.” Although I have never said that to anyone I was certainly tempted to on numerous occasions. And what does a Tobagonian look like? We have a "look"? Because I'm fairly certain that this Tobagonian aesthetic you're referring to ain't sexy or trendy...because that's what I think I look like!

When someone asks “Does Tobago have electricity?”

All Tobagonians have heard this offhanded comment at least once that usually comes from someone deliberately trying to be provocative. Honestly....truly... what an absurd thing to say. I don't think I need to explain why this is blatantly annoying and offensive. 

When they only call us when they want Tobago-related advice

That one person you have never heard from in years suddenly calls out of the blue to:

1. Entertain nonsensical small talk to make you feel as though you guys are friends and should hang out when they come to Tobago when we all fully know they want a Tobago connection to chauffer them around the island

2. Advice on the best guesthouse/hotel to stay as though your name is Google

3. To find out how much and where to rent a car in Tobago provided they know you not going to chauffer them around the island. Never fails to disappoint and annoy.

When someone asks you to “Bring back Benet ball and sugar cake when you coming back”

It’s not like we don’t want to bring back our local delicacies but it’s still annoying hearing this request every time a Tobagonian goes back home.

When someone asks you “do you know so-and-so because Tobago so small and all Tobagonians supposed to know each other.”

The island is small but not that small. It’s strange how people barely know all of their family members yet expects someone to know everyone on an island. Do you agree fellow Tobagonians or are we too sensitive? Did we leave anything out? Leave ah comment below and let us know

Rolling my eyes so hard

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